MEXCHAM congratulates CCPIT for its 70th anniversary

MEXCHAM congratulates CCPIT for its 70th anniversary

Formally founded on May 4th 1952, CCPIT has been an outstanding organization that has contributed to China’s transformation along its last 70 years since its establishment promoting trade, investments, and friendship between China and the world. Over the last 15 years of MEXCHAM’s operations in China, CCPIT has been key ally, partner and friend for successfully promoting bilateral trade and investments between China and Mexico. MEXCHAM holds close cooperation and friendship with CCPIT national, provincial and city levels. MEXCHAM’s Board of Directors sincerely congratulates the CCPIT for its achievements and contributions, in particular to all CCPIT’s people that have contributed directly or indirectly to its development and success building bridges with the international business community. MEXCHAM will continue its win-win cooperation with CCPIT in the years to come.

MEXCHAM continues building bridges between Mexico and China.

Cámara de Comercio de México en China



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