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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China
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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China

Seminar on Branding, Entrepreneurship and Startups in China successfully carried out !

Oct 25

On Tuesday October 25th, 2016, the Mexican Chamber of Commerce (MEXCHAM) together with Yenching Academy of Peking University successfully carried out an unprecedented Seminar on Branding, Entrepreneurship and Startups in China in Peking University.

The seminar began with the opening remarks by Mr. Hector Zavala followed by the opening speech by Mr. John Holden, Scholar and Associate Dean of Yenching Academy of Peking University, respectively.

Afterwards, Mr. Efren Calvo, Executive President of MEXCHAM addressed a speech welcoming the panelist, business people and students as well as celebrating the organization between Peking University and MEXCHAM for the ongoing event.

Mr. Victor Cadena, Executive Vice-President of MEXCHAM, moderated the first session focused on “Branding and Marketing Strategy in China”.

 The first session started with the participation of Mr. Ivan Chiu, CEO of BIMBO Group China, who briefly introduced how BIMBO became the largest bakery company in the world with +120,000 employees and operations in + 20 countries, including China. Chiu pointed out the strategies and core values that identifies BIMBO as trademark as well as the challenges that BIMBO is facing in the Chinese market.

The second speaker was Mr. Iran Monroy, Director of Global Brand Communications of Deer Jet (HNA Group) who talked about how HNA started and then became a Fortune 500 company emphasizing the m&a strategy and core vision HNA Group.

Afterwards, Mr. John Holden, also Professor of Guanghua School of Management of Peking University and former CEO of Cargill China, shared some useful insights about doing business in China thanks to his over 30 years work experience in Asia.


Subsequently, a panel discussion started with a moderated discussion among the panelist and a q&a session with a very active audience interacting with the panelists.


After a coffee break, the second session focused on “Entrepreneurship and startups in China” started. This session was moderated by Mr. Antonio Riva Palacio, Chief Representative in Beijing of Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle.

The first speaker of the second session was Mr. Bo Song, General Manager of Sofftek China, a Global Provider of IT solutions with HQ in Monterrey, Mexico and offices in China. Mr. Bo shared some experiences about how to get over the cultural barriers in Global Companies particularly in the IT industry. He explained some challenges integrating 400 people as a team in China within 8,000 global team. Mr. Bo stressed the competitiveness in China’s IT market as well as the importance of inner communication among multicultural teams.

Later, Mr. Alan Olvera, young and experienced entrepreneur, CEO of Hurakan and Head of Americas at Wozlla, developer of online video games, introduce his company and explained his strategy for bringing Chinese online video games into Latin America and vice versa. Mr. Olvera also explained the trends and challenges in this modern industry.

Afterwards, Mr. Pablo Mendoza, Mexican Filmmaker post graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, made a brief introduction on Chinese film history, explained the requirements that filming projects need and presented his newest project “Bi’an” a fascinating co-production Mexico-China that plans to be shot in Mexico City, Beijing and Harbin.

The last speaker was Mr. Wang Geng, Co-Founder of Weiresearch, a startup listed in the “New Third Board” specialized in handle big data for the marketing and film industry. Mr Wang explained how big data analysis can provide competitive advantages to business as well as his challenges as entrepreneur in China.

Finally, the speakers of this session came back to the stage for a moderated discussion and q&a session with an active audience.


MEXCHAM ratifies its permanent commitment for supporting and promoting business between China and Mexico and thanks Peking University for co-organizing this wonderful event. MEXCHAM continues building bridges.