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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China
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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China

Invitation for the China Import Expo,Kunshan,Jiangsu May 17-19,2017

May 17

During this expo you might find products such as:

(1)National/Regional Pavilion: showcasing featured products from different countries;

(2)Smart household appliances: home automation, household network, network household appliances, information-based household appliances,  kitchenware;

(3)Food and liquor: confectionaries, instant food, health products, coffee and tea, wine and spirits, alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, alcohol apparatus.


Why you should join this Expo:

1. Brand appeal---to show image, improve industry position, brand value and awareness.

2.Marketing strategy---to know the market information, expand sales channels, grow the sales network.

3. To establish the import, wholesale, distribution, group purchase, retail sales channels.

4. To get fans of your brand products. Your products are likely to attract attention and tracking propaganda nearly from hundred of professional and mass media, become a bright star in the product.

5. To obtain market


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