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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China
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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China

Asia International Import Food Expo 2016

Apr 14

MEXCHAM invites you to join the Asia (Beijing) International Import Food Exposition 2016, organized by Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd. committed to promoting Chinese health industry to move towards globalization.

During this expo you might find products such as:

◆ Sweetmeat,chocolate & snack food
◆ Drink, juice, drinking water & instant drink;
◆ Coffee,tea & electuary series;
◆ Beer, fruit wine, distilled spirit & wine;
◆ Milk products,dairy products & egg products;
◆ Cookies, cake & bakery products;
◆ Instant noodles, freeze-dried food & seasoning;
◆ Oil, olive oil and& cereal products;
◆ Quick-freeze,frozen foods & ice cream;
◆ Health food, nourishment & organic food products;
◆ Flavoring & food ingredient products;
◆ Fresh meat, bacon, canned food & seafood;
◆ Food container, packaging equipment & food product machinery;
◆ Government organization, association, professional service organization & technology network.


Why you should join this Expo:

1. Brand appeal---to show image, improve industry position, brand value and awareness.

2.Marketing strategy---to know the market information, expand sales channels, grow the sales network.

3. To establish the import, wholesale, distribution, group purchase, retail sales channels.

4. To get fans of your brand products. Your products are likely to attract attention and tracking propaganda nearly from hundred of professional and mass media, become a bright star in the product.

5. To obtain market orders - 12 years’buyers purchasing database help you to open the treasure in the global market, to gain money, and win the reputation.

6. Since Shibowei•International Health Industry Expo successfully held, it has beennamed "National Key Leading Support Exhibition" by the Ministry of Commerce for three consecutive years. 


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