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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China
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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China

The 2018 Mexico-China Business Summit was Successfully Held!

Oct 18

Last October 18th, 2018 the China-Mexico Business Summit was successfully held in Beijing having entrepreneurs, diplomats and scholars among more than 200 attendees.

This Summit was co-organized by the Mexican Chamber of Comemrce in China (MEXCHAM), the University of Language and Culture of Beijing (BLCU) and National Chamber of Transformation Industry of Mexico (CANACINTRA) supported by the Center of Chinese Studies of Veracruz University (CECHIVER) and the Center of Studies China-Latin America (CECLA).



The Summit was conducted by Pablo Aguayo, General Secretary of MEXCHAM, and welcomed by the Vice president of BLCU, Ma Guisheng. Mexico's ambassador to China, José Luis Bernal, the Executive President of MEXCHAM, Efrén Calvo and Executive President of CANACINTRA also gave welcoming remarks for the Business Summit.

During the summit, a plate to commemorate the opening of the Latin American Studies Center of BLCU was unveiled. The Studies Center Director Professor Angela Zhou Qin, talked about the relevance of the research that will be performed in the center.



Later, the attendees took part in three discussion panels:“Present and future of tourism between China and Latin America", "Challenges and opportunities for Latin companies in China and Chinese companies in Latin America", and "The China-Latin America Silk Road".  In these panels startegies and opportunity areas for further cooperation between the two countries were discussed. 




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