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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China
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Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China

Convocatoria para MBA en Beijing Normal University

Jun 28

El Emerging Markets Institute (EMI) y  Beijing Normal University abren la invitación a formar parte del programa de MBA 2019 con fehca límite de aplicación el próximo 28 de junio. 


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1. Requirements

Applicants should:

  1. 1)  Recommended by the Chinese Embassy in your country and get the official recommendation letter;

  2. 2)  Be in compliance with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the rules of Beijing Normal University, and show proper respect for Chinese customs;

  3. 3)  Be of non-Chinese nationality from any developing country, holding a regular valid foreign passport (at least valid until July 20, 2020); and be under the age of 45 (born after September 1, 1974); Service passport/Diplomatic passport is not acceptable.

  4. 4)  Hold a Bachelor’s degree or above, and have at least three years of work experience;

  5. 5)  Have new TOEFL score higher than 85, or IELTS higher than 6.0, or other valid English language ability certificates. Native English speakers, or holders of Bachelor’s degrees from institutions where the language of instruction is solely in English, do not need to provide English test scores;

  6. 6)  Priority will be given to applicants with educational background or work experience in relevant fields of this program.

  7. 7)  Be government officials with rank of division chief, department directors or above, or senior level-managers or equivalent or above in various institutes and enterprises, or professionals from research institutes and universities. Priority will be given to applicants with leadership experience; and priority will be given be applicants with leadership experience.

  8. 8)  Applicants should demonstrate the potential of career development in this field with a will of promoting exchanges and cooperation between their home countries and China.

  9. 9)  Applicants who have already studied in China or have been awarded other Chinese government scholarships may not apply.

  10. 10)  Be healthy, capable of studying, and not carrying diseases which are classified as “prohibited entry into China” under Chinese laws and regulations. Applicants with infectious disease and severe disability, in major operation recovery period are not suggested to apply the program. Pregnant applicants will not be admitted by this program. Students who get pregnant during their studies will be dropped out of the program.


Scholarship Coverage
1) Tuition, textbooks, filed trips, English teaching fee, guidance of thesis writing; 2) On-campus accommodation;
3) Monthly Stipend (3000RMB/Month);
4) Medical insurance;
5) One-time round-trip international air tickets.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce will provide "Chinese Government Scholarships" to admitted students from developing countries. These scholarships cover both tuition and living expenses. They also include a round-trip international airfare for all the students, and a maximum of 2 round-trip international airfares for home visits applicable only to doctoral students (one time per year set at the end of an academic year). In terms of living expenses, it is 3000RMB/month for the master program. There is also a settlement allowance of 3000RMB/person. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce will only provide scholarship during the one academic year. Students who delay the graduation would not get continued scholarship.

If a student expects to have his/her spouse, children, relatives or friends to visit him/her during the stay in Beijing, the visitor will have to bear all the expenses by him/herself.