2024 Entrepreneurship Competition in China for start-ups

2024 Entrepreneurship Competition in China for start-ups

The Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China (MEXCHAM) is glad to partner with International Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (ITEC) and invites start-ups from Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in the 2024 Global Entrepreneurship Competition in China.

Who should join?

Startup Group (0-3 Years)

Whether you are a student who has an idea or a dream, working person who inspire to be a successful person, or a newbie entrepreneur who just started your company in less than 3 years, you can apply for this startup group category.

Growth Group (4-10 Years)

If you have built your company in less than 10 years and you are not listed in any stock market are welcome to apply this growth group category.

From these areas, you could apply!

(1) Industrial Internet

(2) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

(3) Internet 3.0

(4) Digital Healthcare

(5) Future Manufacturing Technologies

(6) Photonic Integrated Circuits


Cash prizes for wining projects

Eligibility, rules and requirements

1. Group Selection:
Startup Group:Enterprises established for 0-3 years.
Growth Group:Enterprises established for 3-10 years.

2. Company Status: The project cannot be a listed company.

3. Legal and Ethical Compliance: Abide by relevant laws and regulations, with no major dishonesty records.

4. Intellectual Property: Possess legal intellectual property rights or authorization.

5. Intent to Develop in Chaoyang: Show genuine intentions to develop in Chaoyang.

6. Competition Registration: Only one track can be chosen for the comprehensive competition.

7. Previous Support: Projects that received support from previous ITEC competitions are eligible but cannot receive the same or lower-level reward.

8. High-Level Talent: Recognized high-level talents can participate but are not eligible for awards.

9. Compliance Check: The organizer can terminate the competition process if requirements are not met.

10. Age Limit: All participants are required to be at least 18 years old and above. For students who are below 18 years old required to have a guardian (teacher or parents) as part of the team.


There are 2 options for registration.

1) Open this link in your browser:


2) Scan the QR code below:

Project Registration DeadlineAugust 23, 2024, 11.59pm, Beijing Time.

When you fill the registration form, please fill MEXCHAM as recommending institution, and bj.info@mexcham.org as referrer contact.

For details about the competition, please check the following introduction.


MEXCHAM continues building bridges between Mexico and China.


Cámara de Comercio de México en China




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