Acknowledge Letter to Yonanetl Zavala by MEXCHAM

Acknowledge Letter to Yonanetl Zavala by MEXCHAM

Dear members and friends of MEXCHAM,
More than 2 years ago, we had the success and fortune of have designated Ms. Yonanetl Zavala, as President of MEXCHAM at out Chapter in Shanghai.
During this time Yona has done a decent and serious job, I would say exemplary, that fills us with great satisfaction and gratitude. At the end of her term, we only have to publicly acknowledge and thank her for her professionalism, simplicity, humility, dedication and honesty.
We hope, dear Yona, that you continue building fruitful paths in your already successful long career.

Board of Directors of MEXCHAM.
Efrén Calvo , Executive President
Victor Cadena, Executive Vice President
Pablo Aguayo, Secretary General

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