48th Anniversary of Sino-Mexican Diplomatic Relations

48th Anniversary of Sino-Mexican Diplomatic Relations

Today, February 14, 2020, China and Mexico celebrate the 48th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the two countries. 

With around USD 90,000 million of bilateral trade, China represents for Mexico its second largest world trading partner. Meanwhile, Mexico represents for China its second largest trading partner in Latin American and its first touristic destination in the region. 

In addition, this year the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China (MEXCHAM) celebrates its 13th anniversary. 

MEXCHAM ratifies its commitment for continue fostering trade and investments between China and Mexico under a win-win formula and long term cooperation. 

China and Mexico are much more than strategic partners, both nations are also long term friends. 

MEXCHAM congratulates all those people, companies and institutions that along the past 47 years have been contributing positively in the Sino-Mexican relation. 

MEXCHAM is confident that China will overcome positively the current sanitary issue of the novel Corona Virus. MEXCHAM ratifies its friendship, support and solidarity to China.

MEXCHAM continues building bridges between Mexico and China.

Cámara de Comercio de México en China




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